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Ferreira Signature Line @ Eaton Centre Partnered with Fade Room at a Heineken Event

Ferreira Signature Line presented at the Eaton Centre partnered with Fade Room
and Heineken. Shout out to Fade Room for the content and Heineken for keeping us 
cool as the fades and cuts were getting hot. We joined forces with Fade Room and conquered delight in every client. A wide range of products were showcased and proudly styled by Ferreira Signatures Line products, including our incredible crystal blue pomade which works magic for creating waves and combovers, among other styles. The Mineral Mud Musk had the clients raving for a repeat of the application as they noticed it left their skin feeling and looking clean, clear and bright, all well enjoying a Heineken 0.0. We hope everyone enjoyed the fresh fades and vary of styling products used.

Pictures and Video available below!

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